In late 2005 I saw some fractal art on the Internet. I was fascinated by these beautiful images. After a lot of studying and surfing on the Web, I found Apophysis and UltraFractal. Apophysis is a freeware program so I experimented with that first. I didn't have much luck with that one. UF (UltraFractal) was my next venture and it's just a wonderful tool for creating fractal images. The learning curve is a little steep, especially in Version 5, but there are great classes and tutorials and even a mailing list online. Well, the thrill is still there. I "fractal" a little every day. It's all about math, of course, but you don't have to know the math to get started creating images. Now I have put some of my favorite creations on my web site. No, they're not great art, but, hey, I'm not a great artist, just a beginner.

old gas stations