Born and raised in Southern California, I am now a devoted Oregon coast resident. I love the clean air, the space to move around freely and the beauty of the seastacks, cliffs, beaches and mountains. It's like the opposite of So. Cal. I worked in Los Angeles and environs as a court reporter before moving to Brookings, Oregon in 1991. Since I have become a senior citizen I don't patrol the beaches quite as much as I used to, but I still go there to beachcomb, stroll and ponder. I am accompanied by my new friend, Birdie, a four-pound long-haired chihuahua, born in September 2010. She does all the strenuous leg work while I mull over the condition of the planet. Fractals are the closest I will ever get to being artistic. I really enjoy making what I consider to be interesting and pretty images. My other hobby is making web pages so I combined these two things to come up with a web site for my fractals. Below are links to some of my friends who are real artists and also where to get UltraFractal and Apophysis.